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Upgrading / Starting fresh (basic)

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.7. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

This page describes the process of setting up a fresh Bolt 3.7 install, and moving over all of your existing configuration, data, themes and uploaded media.

Depending on how heavily customised your Bolt install is, you might need to take additional steps into account. The advanced upgrade guide can be found here.

Before you start, make sure you've made the preparations, as described here.

Setting up Bolt 3

Follow the instructions on how to Install Bolt 3. You can pick any of the mentioned methods, but we suggest using the simplest installation.

When you have a working install, move on to the next section

Copying over configuration

To get your new site working the same as the old one, you need to move over a number of files. Copy the following files and folders from your backup to the new site, overwriting what was created during the installation process.

  • app/config/config.yml (and perhaps app/config/config_local.yml)
  • app/config/contenttypes.yml
  • app/config/menu.yml
  • app/config/permissions.yml
  • app/config/taxonomy.yml
  • app/config/extensions/ (and what's in there, if anything)
  • app/database
  • files/ needs to be copied to public/files/
  • theme/ needs to be copied to public/theme/

Note: Do not copy over your old Bolt 2.2 routing.yml

Clear the cache, and update the database:

php app/nut cache:clear
php app/nut database:update

After following these steps, log on to the bolt backend, and make sure everything is still in working order.


The Bolt 2.2 routing file is not compatible with Bolt 3.7. If you've made modifications to this file, you'll need to make them again in the new format.

Just open the file, and you'll see what the changes are. Consult the documentation on Routing for details.


The migration of the database should work right away: Either you've copied over the SQLite database in app/database/ in the previous step, or your copied app/config/config.yml should point to the correct MySQL or PostgreSQL database.


Go to the 'Extend' page in the Bolt backend and re-install your extensions. This way you'll get the updated versions, if they're available.

In the previous step you've already copied over the configuration of the extensions, so you won't have to re-configure them.

Your Theme

The copied theme should work 'as is', unless you have modifications for a specific extension that is not yet fully supported by Bolt 3.7. If this is the case, you'll notice when you try to view the frontend of the website.

That concludes these steps. You should now have a fully working Bolt 3.7 website.

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