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Other / Our Release Process

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.7. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.0 instead?

Since branching Bolt v1 and onwards, we've spent time thinking about how - as a community based project - we could best manage our release process.

Some of the points that we're trying to consider in this discussion are:

  • Keep the project moving, don't stagnate
  • Keep our processes in line with our vision of simplicity
  • Keep the management of processes from interfering with the fun we have writing the code, documentation, and community interaction
  • Learn from the success of other projects, as well as from their mistakes
  • Release early, release often!

Schedule & RoadmapΒΆ

Release schedules follow the basic pattern of:

  • 14 day feature window (hard limit)
  • 14 day bug fix window (soft end-limit)
  • 14 day contingency window (only if required)
  • Release!

An example would be:

Window Open (09:00 UTC) Close (midnight UTC)
Feature 09 March 2016 22 March 2016
Bug Fix 23 March 2016 05 April 2016
Release 06 April 2016 n/a

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