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Extending / Bundled Extensions / File Location & Layout

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.7. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

Bundles should be thought of as part of your site project's code, and as such their location relative to your site's root directory is flexible.

The choice of location should be considered carefully, and according to both your project and Bundle's design requirements.

As Bundles are just a part of your site project's code, their location is relative to your site's root directory is flexible. Below are the recommended locations for specific file types.

PHP files

As opposed to extensions installed via the Marketplace, a Bundle's PHP code can theoretically live anywhere. However, it is strongly recommended that you put your Bundle's PHP code either in the site root src/ directory for a site with a single Bundle, alternatively sites with multiple Bundles are best off following a strategy such as src/{bundle name}

Note: Using a directory structure deeper than two levels for the location of the loader class is possible, but not supported.

Configuration files

Bundle configuration files are always located in the app/config/extensions/ directory, and are named after the lower case derived names of the Bundle loader class and base namespace.

For example, if your loader class' fully qualified class name of Alpha\Bravo, the Bundle name would be Bravo and the author name would be Alpha meaning the configuration file must be named bravo.alpha.yml.

Twig template files

As with PHP files, technically Twig template files can live anywhere under the site's root. However for consistency and ease it is recommended to place them either in your theme's directory or for Bundles installed under the site root src/ directory, the templates/ directory is also a supported option.

Web assets

Bundles make no special decisions around web assets, just add them to your web root, or a subdirectory of your web root, and use relative paths.

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