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Extending / Filesystem Layer / Using file type handlers

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.7. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.0 instead?

Getting a file with an image handler

    /** @var \Bolt\Filesystem\Handler\ImageInterface $file */
    $file = $filesystem->getImage($path);


Variable Type Description
$path string Relative path to the file

Specific file type handler

To use a specific HandlerInterface for the object returned by get, you can pass in an instance of a \Bolt\Filesystem\Handler\HandlerInterface class.

e.g. Someone gave you a JSON file called special.xyz, and you wish for it to be handled natively as a JSON file:

    /** @var \Bolt\Filesystem\Handler\HandlerInterface $handler */
    $handler = \Bolt\Filesystem\Handler\JsonFile();

    $object = $filesystem->get('relative/path/special.xyz', $handler);

    // As $object is a JSON handled file, we can parse it to PHP.
    $data = $object->parse();

    $data['updated'] = time();

    // We can also dump the updated PHP array back to a JSON file.

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