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Field Types / Image field

Note: You are currently reading the documentation for Bolt 3.7. Looking for the documentation for Bolt 5.2 instead?

Simple image upload/select field.

Basic Configuration:

            type: image

Example usage in templates:

{{ record.cover|showimage() }}


{{ record.cover|thumbnail() }}


{{ record.cover|popup() }}

See Bolt Template tags for more info.


The field has a few options to change the appearance and functionality of the field.

  • extensions Allows you to restrict users to only be able to upload files with certain file extensions.
  • attrib Can be set to a custom attribute, such as alt-texts, titles, captions or data-attributes. For example:
    • alt Show a text field for the alt parameter
    • title Show a text field for the title parameter
    • caption Show a custom field for a caption that image will use in your template
    • [alt, title, caption] Add more than one attribute
  • upload Allows you to upload files for this field into a specified directory so they remain grouped. This directory will be created in {%web%}/files/
            type: image
            attrib: [alt, title, caption]
            extensions: [ gif, jpg, png ]
            upload: portfolio

You can call these in your templates by using {{ record.values.image.alt }} or {{ record.values.image.caption }} and they will also be automatically used by bolt's image functions.

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