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Twig Components / Methods / break

break is a Twig tag to break loops in Twig

This library adds break and continue and they work exactly as in PHP:

{% foreach list as entry %}
{% if loop.index > 10 %}
{% break %}
{% endif %}
{% endforeach %}

You can use break with a number to break out of multiple loops, just like in PHP: (continue does not support this)

{% foreach list as sublist %}
{% foreach sublist as entry %}
{% if loop.index > 10 %}
{% break 2 %} {# breaks out of both foreach loops #}
{% endif %}
{% endforeach %}
{% endforeach %}

While you can often circumvent the usage of break and continue in Twig, it sometimes leads to additional nesting and more complicated code. Just one break or continue can clarify behavior and intent in these instances. Yet I would advise to use break and continue sparingly.


composer require squirrelphp/twig-php-syntax


Add PhpSyntaxExtension to Twig:

$twig = new \Twig\Environment($loader);
$twig->addExtension(new \Squirrel\TwigPhpSyntax\PhpSyntaxExtension());

You can also have a look at the extension definition and create your own extension class to only include some of the features, if you do not like all of them.

Symfony integration If you use autoconfigure (which is the default) you just need to load the PhpSyntaxExtension class in services.yaml in the config directory of your project (the first four lines should already be there, just add the line with the PhpSyntaxExtension class at the end of the file):

autowire: true autoconfigure: true

    # Just add the following line, Symfony will register
    # the extension in Twig for you if Twig is installed
    Squirrel\TwigPhpSyntax\PhpSyntaxExtension: ~

If you do not use autoconfigure, you can add the twig extension tag to the service definition:


- { name: twig.extension }

Source: Squirrelphp

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