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Field Types / Imagelist field

A simple list field type to upload/select images. Also contains a title text field for each image.

Basic Configuration:

            type: imagelist

Example usage in templates:

This example will output a magnific popup gallery with thumbnails of all the images:

{% for image in record.gallery %}
    {{ image|popup() }}
{% endfor %}


The field has one option to change the functionality of the field:

  • extensions Allows you to restrict users to only be able to upload files with certain file extensions
  • upload Allows you to upload files for this field into a specified directory so they remain grouped. See also the upload_location setting.
  • extra (Since Bolt 5.2) Allows you to set additional fields similar to alt. You can specify a label and a placeholder for each.
            type: imagelist
            extensions: [ gif, jpg, png ]
            upload: portfolio
                label: Title
                placeholder: This is the placeholder for the title
                label: Caption

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